My name is William Powers, and I started Gyrocade back in 2008 when Apple made the announcement for this amazing thing called the 'App Store'. I was working for a gigantic game publisher at the time, and in my off hours, I would sit in front of my iMac and explore the brand-new iPhone SDK.

My first game, Vector Ball, was a modern take on Pong, extrapolated to three dimensions, with a design motif inspired by 1982's TRON. I wanted to see what multiplayer gaming could be like on this device, and I wanted to see how intuitive a phone could be for interaction. To me, it always seemed like the iPhone was a fantastic computer that just happened to make phone calls. It was really destined for something much, much more. Probably more than 3-D Pong, but that was a start! Along the way, I had a lot of fun making this thing.

Two months later, Vector Ball was available at the App Store's initial launch, and featured a pretty novel arcade experience for a smartphone. Oh yeah, it was also in a commercial (for about 1/15th of a second!).

The rest is a saga in the making, and I thank you for your interest in what I do.

If you need help with an app, please contact me at support [at] gyrocade [dot] com.

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